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We styled our Strong Stripes collection to be seen and admired.  The fabrics we've in for this collection all express strong colors against a background of white twill, and make this an ideal shirt for a day out in your favorite chinos.  

We've opted for a button-down Madison as the preferred collar option.  A Madison collar presents a somewhat wider spread than your classic collar (see below) and helps to put forth a relaxed, yet polished, front.  

Collar buttons complete the casual feel.  The two golden no-no's for a button-down shirt are no tie, and no blazer.  Leave both in your closet, and enjoy a breathable day at the office or a smart Sunday brunch. 

Simple button cuffs would be the logical finish to this shirt's motif — but full-bodied double French cuffs give you an all-too-rare opportunity to bring out one of your more playful pair of cufflinks.  Do so, and the look is complete.

Published on 2011/12/30


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