reMarkable Shirts

ReMarkable Gift

With every Shirt you help change the future by expanding education to less fortunate children around the world.  Half the profits from your Shirt get passed on to them.

Visit our News from HQ for highlights of the latest victories achieved by you:

ReMarkable Design

Each season, our talented team of fashion gurus has enormous fun putting together a fresh collection of Moniker Casual, Pro and Formal Shirts that will make you remarkable -- anywhere, anytime. Pick these designs as-is from our product catalog, or tweak them to suit your personal taste in Moniker’s online design studio.

Or start from scratch with your own concept. Use our Stylebook to design a special project.   We may promote your creation in our regular catalog, invite you to help set next season’s collection, and help get the word out to the fashion world about your talent.

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ReMarkable Fabrics

All Moniker Shirts are made from 2-ply 100’s, 100% Egyptian cotton or better. For specialty lines and seasonal wear, we complement all-natural cottons with fine linens, silks, and other high-performance fabrics.

Every season we go through a major fabric overhaul, getting rid of what’s out and stocking up on what’s in. Our inexhaustible gurus maintain, on average, over 250 fabrics in a range of colors and patterns, and discover an average of two new fabrics per week for you to play with.

ReMarkable Quality

Once you place an order, every Moniker Shirt is individually measured, cut and sewn by masters of the craft according to your design. Unique details, such as monograms, stitch patterns and thread accents, are patiently applied as requested. Your Shirt is quality-checked at every step, and checked once again before being pressed and packaged, to ensure that it passes our tough quality standards in every detail. The result is a remarkable, custom garment of high luxury and even better value.

ReMarkable Fit

We offer a range of fit choices to suit your style and shape. Choose a regular fit if you’re happy with off-the-shelf sizes, or tell us your preferences and we’ll give your Shirt a custom fit that no off-the-shelf shirt can match.