Moniker Shirt Stylebook

About the stylebook

Using the Stylebook you can look up codes to add or change fine details on your Shirt during check-out, such as:

  • Expanded style choices:  more collars, cuffs, plackets, pockets and more to choose from
  • Fabric highlights:  Add fabric highlights to the collar, cuffs, plackets -- inside and out
  • Advanced button treatments:  You can, for example, vary the angle or thread of each individual buttonhole

How to use it

Each option in the stylebook is identified by a unique code.  You can apply any option to your Shirt by:

  • Quoting the code(s) you like in the Free Upgrades box at check-out, or
  • Contacting us within 24 hours of placing your order

For clarity, please quote the category along with the code.  For example, for a pic-stitched collar the full code to quote is 'Collar Stitch - PS'



All Stylebook upgrades are free with the purchase of your reMarkable Shirt.