The Philosopy

Only reMarkable will do

Each Moniker Shirt itself is something worth remarking: remarkable styling that’s sure to turn heads, remarkable fabrics tailored with details you only expect in shirts twice the price, a remarkable made-to-order menu of fits and styles, and a remarkable quality promise: if you’re not happy, it’s free. When you wear your Moniker Shirt, you can confidently take pride in feeling and presenting your best.

But the story of your Shirt doesn’t end there.  A full 50% of Moniker’s profits go toward building schools and libraries, training teachers, and nourishing, clothing and supporting schoolchildren in underdeveloped countries.

The Shirt hanging in your closet gifts a child in need with the resources to help make their own mark upon our world.

Give the Shirt off your back, and wear it, too.

Our Story

The white dot atop Moniker’s logo is taken from the national flag of Laos -- a small, landlocked country in southeast Asia where almost half the population lives on less than $1.25 per day. It’s also the home country of Moniker’s co-founder, Kam.

Moniker began as a conversation between Kam and a fellow optimist, Chris. Together they stumbled upon two startling ideas:

  • The problem isn’t scarcity – it’s distribution
  • The solution isn’t charity – it’s spending

The initial ‘Aha!’ was in there somewhere, but it took a lot more work, quite a few wrong turns, and the goodwill of many more people to bring it to life. A reMarkable Shirt must, first and foremost, be a better shirt – a shirt that people want to own because it looks and feels and performs better than the other shirts in the shops. Developing that Shirt took patience, experimentation, and the generous support of some of the best in the business – all of whom forego profits to help Moniker sew the gift of education into every garment.

Now it’s here, and with your help Moniker will improve children’s futures – in Laos, and everywhere.

Why Shirts?

Because we’re all going to buy a shirt.

Why not buy one that’s reMarkable?  Our goal is to make Shirts that you love to design and love to wear, so that you’re helping others just by buying the clothes that you want to wear.