The Impact

What We Do

Through the support of the remarkable people who wear Moniker Shirts, we build schools and libraries, train teachers, and nourish and support schoolchildren living in poverty in underdeveloped countries around the world. 

Education is one of the most urgent and impactful gifts that can be given. It changes futures in multiple ways – by giving new generations the skills and knowledge to improve health, to earn a better living, to sustain the environment, and to solve the problems facing their community.

With the guidance of development experts, Moniker engages exclusively at the school or project level, so that all children in a community benefit equally from your support. On average, each Moniker Shirt sold creates a tangible education improvement for at least one child, and often several -- in-school nutrition for one month, access to a new school library, or improved teaching. And every 50 shirts, we can help a new community for the first time.

Check out the latest News from HQ for more information on some of our recent victories.

How We Give

We coordinate our giving with our friends at Givology, a volunteer-run non-profit organization set up especially to identify opportunities to support schooling in developing countries and to supervise, monitor and audit their impact. 

Givology is overseen by an independent Board of Directors, comprised of prominent academics and professionals in finance and development, and has been featured by Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times, Knowledge@Wharton, the Seattle Times, and other observers in the field of giving.

We also make periodic Study Tours to rural villages and other sites in developing countries to conduct research on rural education, assist our field partners, and visit our sponsored projects and students. See Next Steps for more information on how you can get involved in our next Study Tour.