Verify Your Shirt

Moniker drafts a custom Shirt pattern for every order, based on the body measurements you give us and the type of fit you specify.

The process is more art than science, because there's no one 'perfect fit' -- it's a matter of personal choice, and only you know the right answer.  So, effective immediately, whenever you order a Moniker Shirt, you'll receive an email from our production house within 24 hours notifying you of the final garment dimensions we've set.

We give you the choice to either accept our dimensions, or substitute it with others based on your favorite-fitting shirt.

Our goal is to become the new favorite shirt in your closet; by reviewing and approving the pattern we make for you, you improve our chances!

Here's a quick guide to measure up that best-fitting shirt in your closet for comparison with the pattern for your Moniker Shirt.  Photographic and video tutorials are coming soon:

  • Collar:  Lay the collar flat.  Measure straight across from the center of the collar button to the far edge of the collar buttonhole
  • Shoulder: Lay the shirt flat.  Measure straight across the yoke (the piece of fabric that spans the shoulders) at its widest point
  • Chest: Lay the shirt flat. Measure straight across the shirt at armpit level, and multiply the result by 2
  • Waist: Lay the shirt flat. Measure straight across the shirt at the fifth buttonhole from the top (not counting the collar button). Multiply by 2
  • Hips: Lay the shirt flat.  Measure straight across the bottom of the shirt at its widest point. Multiply by 2
  • Sleeves: Measure the straight line from the top of the sleeve (the three-way seam where the sleeve meets the yoke and the front panel of the shirt) down to the end of the cuff. Now add 1/2 of the Shoulder measurement, above
  • Cuffs: Open the cuff and lay the cuff flat. Measure from one edge of the fabric to the other (unlike the collar, the cuff is measured from edge to edge, not from button to buttonhole)
  • Length: Measure down the back of the shirt, in the center from the bottom of the collar (the seam where the collar meets the yoke), down to the bottom edge of the shirt


Every Moniker Shirt is made from high-quality cotton fabric, and it will shrink in the laundry.  When we design your Shirt pattern, we add time-tested shrinkage allowances to compensate.

Our standard shrinkage allowances are:

  • Collar:  add 1"
  • Shoulder: add 1/2"
  • Sleeves: add 3/4"
  • Cuffs: add 3/8"
  • Length: add 3/4"

So please keep in mind two things if you decide to double-check your Moniker Shirt's pattern against that current favorite in your closet:

  • If the collar of the best-fitting shirt in your closet measures, say, 16", then your Moniker Shirt's pattern should call for a 17" collar.  The same logic applies for the other shrinkage allowances listed above
  • Launder your Moniker Shirt a few times (3-5) after you receive it to help the cotton to settle into its long-term shape

Remember we're standing by to help you every step of the way.  We hope you enjoy this added control over the quality of your finished garment.

Published on 2009/09/07


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