Praise from Moniker Shirt Patrons

Dear Moniker:

I'm writing to let you know just how much my husband enjoys your Shirts!

My husband isn't abnormally tall (6'2") but he has a long torso - causing some difficulty in finding dress shirts that fit appropriately. Some stores carry 'tall' sizes, but then the sleeves tend to be too long and the neck too big and the shoulders hang off of his actual shoulders...and the length of the shirt was still barely long enough. Also, even if the shirt was close to being long enough (to remain tucked in) there was often some of his belly showing if he moved around because there wasn't one last button on the front of the shirt to keep the shirt closed.

I was apprehensive to order something custom over the internet (I order many things over the internet, but not custom sized things ;) ) but your instructions on how to measure were simple and easy to follow.

I enjoy the fact that you can add extras at no extra charge.

Not only are the sizes customized, but I can choose to have other parts of the shirt customized - back vent, rounded bottom or straight, double buttons on the cuffs, french cuffs, corresponding cloth on the inside of the collar - what fun!  We're slowly phasing out all of the dress shirts, donating the old ones to charity and slowing replacing them with custom-made ones from Moniker.

We've told all our family to donate to the Moniker Shirt cause.

Thank you Moniker!


Angelica - satisfied repeat customer (for a husband that doesn't care about the colors of his shirts, just the way they fit -lucky me, I get to choose all the styles/colors!) :)

Published on 2010/04/15


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