Moniker Shirts Are 'Beautiful' — Just Ask Andy

Andy Gilchrist, author of the Encylopedia of Men's Clothes and founder of Ask Andy About Clothes, the world's most popular web forum for mens clothing advice, is officially a fan of Moniker.  

I got the shirts.  They're beautiful.

 So Andy says on the recommendations page of his popular menswear forum.  He speaks with experience.  Andy's forum clocks over 50,000 threads and 700,000 posts, making it the world's largest continuous mens style discussion since 2001.  

The price is unbelievable for the quality of fabric and workmanship.

After placing his order, Andy made use of Moniker's one-of-a-kind 'Pimp My Shirt!' program to add unique touches to his shirt that are rarely offered elsewhere:  a different color lining inside the cuffs, a 5th buttonhole cut horizontally and stitched in black, and white thread details throughout.  (Everyone is welcome to access this special feature by emailing after placing your order and citing your order number along with your special requests.)   

The shirts from Moniker are really fantastic, great details, but before I get into that I've got to tell you what fun shopping the Moniker site is.

Andy also recommends Moniker in his forum's Gift Guide and in this discussion thread on his forum.   

Published on 2009/06/28


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