Moniker's quality promise

Today Moniker had an email exchange with a new customer who was concerned to know what would happen if their first shirt failed to meet their expectations.  

Here was our reply.  It lays out our commitment to everyone, for every Shirt we make:

Dear John,

Custom clothing online is a difficult business in which to deliver customer satisfaction: expectations are high, and the tailor's normal opportunities for getting feedback just aren't available.  

That's part of why we're focussed on shirts right now.  Moniker could make you a very nice blazer, for example, but we'd be fooling you if we claimed that you could self-measure and expect it to fit as well as one measured by a seasoned professional. Between taking a measurement with a tape and determining what actual measurement to use for the garment pattern (adjusting for posture, shoulder shape, weight distribution and so forth), lies a whole step of professional judgment that only comes with years of experience.

Having said that, Moniker does stand out for the quality of the garments we make -- and the quality of our relationships with the people who wear them.  We cannot promise that we will get your shirt exactly right the first time. (For example, we make allowances for shrinkage that are based on experience over thousands of manufactured garments, but who knows exactly how much your dryer will shrink our cotton?)

What we can promise is that we will happily accept your feedback, accept your return, tweak the measurements according to your experience, and try again until we get the pattern right.

What we hope you understand is this: we appreciate that you chose Moniker. In return, we will invest in your satisfaction until you have no reason to go anywhere else for your shirts. If something's wrong, we will fix it, at no charge to you. You've paid for a remarkable, premium garment. We'll keep working until you agree that you've gotten it.

The Moniker Team 

Published on 2009/11/09


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