MONIKER launches Shirt Stylebook

Moniker today published its Shirt Stylebook, which welcomes designers and sartorialists to bring their style inspirations to life as creative artists within the Moniker Group.

The Stylebook offers Moniker's friends total control over Shirt design and patterning.  Stylebook highlights include:

  • 20 choices of collar 
  • 28 kinds of cuff
  • Pic stitching 
  • Fabric trims on the collar, cuffs, plackets and more
  • Design control over each individual button
  • Anywhere monograms

Free culture

All Stylebook options and accents are free with the order of any Moniker Shirt.  Go create.  All we ask is that you send us a photo of the finished Shirt so we can brag about it online.  


Published on 2010/04/11


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