Moniker customers gift literacy to 175 kids in Peru

Literacy is the basic tool that enables people to debate changes and creatively apply solutions, both in their own lives and within society.

With the help of Moniker’s aggressive 50/50 profit-giving promise, our customers today spun 33 reMarkable Shirts into a poverty-fighting literacy program in Trujillo, Peru.

Public education in Peru is not free. Many families cannot afford its costs. Children struggle to learn in overcrowded classroom without books or other learning tools.

In January 2010 ten teachers -- five Peruvians and five foreign volunteers -- from SKIP, a locally-based NGO, set out to make things better. Already, 170 children in seven classes attend a new primary literacy program 6 days a week, 3 hours a day.


With the support of our customer-philanthropists, Moniker has just supplied the complete set of teaching and reading materials that enable this remarkable program to run.

As part of the program, a full assessment of each student’s reading skills will be administered at the start, middle and end of each school year. We’ll monitor the results and announce achievements regularly.

Published on 2010/03/26


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